Head: NS '05 Slice
Chest/Back: NS '04 Dusty
Arms, hands: 25A Snake-Eyes ('85 tribute)
Waist, legs: ARAH '84 Storm Shadow
Backpack & Sword: NS '04 Kamakura???


This is my second DiC-inspired figure. Evy was the first.

Unlike the blindfold-wearing, shirtless Hasbro release of the Night Creeper Leader, the DiC cartoon version of the character wore a uniform much closer to the army builder Night Creepers. Instead of a blindfold, cartoon NCL also wore goggles with mask. The parts here don't exactly match the NC uniform seen in the cartoon, but get close to it and further distinguish it from the army builders' uniforms. This is also a custom that combines ARAH, NS, and modern era parts.

Colors & Painting:

Based on the DiC cartoon. For the red and purple, I used the closest spray paints. The red is a bit too dark and the purple is more of a blue-purple than an equally balanced blue/red purple. Despite the shifts, the colors work well together.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The top of the hood is sculpted. The proportions were pretty good, but I added a bit of height at the top of the waist to balance them out more.

Thanks for looking.

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