Head: Hobbit Figure
Torso: Barrage
Arms: Grunt
Waist: Duke
Legs: Grunt

Southpaw hails from South Carolina but can trace his roots to the Irish Travellers. He began training to become a boxer at a young age to stay out of trouble. When that didn't work, he was given the choice of jail time or military time. The military gave him the structure he needed and he made a career out of it. Stationed in his family's native land of Ireland, Southpaw continued to re-enlist and he became a permanent fixture of The Emerald Isle for much of his adult life. So much that he began picking up the Irish cockney accent. He continued to train in the ring and found bare knuckle fights outside the base. When he got involved in some gambling debts, Southpaw put out the word that he was looking for a new assignment. Duke saw his military record and when he learned of his ability to blend in with those around him, he knew he had the perfect job. Now assigned to The Tiger Force, Southpaw teaches recruits how to recognize enemy close quarters combat styles and counteract them.

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