Head: Heavy Metal 85
Chest: Tunnel Rat 87
Arms: Taurus 87
Waist: Wild Card 88
Legs: Zandar 86

Machine Gun: Sub-Zero 90
Bipod: SAW-Viper 90
Bullet Belt: Zartan 01

File Name: Burnside, Andrew R.
Primary Military Specialty: Heavy Machine Gunner
Secondary Military Specialty: Mechanic

Shooter dropped out of high school at age 15, enlisted in the Army with falsified documents, and, immediately following his completion of basic training, was shipped off to a combat situation in Central America (the details of which are classified). He displayed a proficiency with heavy machine guns, and by the time his false credentials were discovered, he had become an indispensable member of his company. Upon his return to the U.S., Shooter was approached by Col. Clayton Abernathy, and offered a spot on the newly-formed U.S. special-missions force, code-named G.I. Joe. Shooter accepted, and was given the role of providing mobile fire support.

"When we're on the way to a mission, nobody wants to ride in the VAMP. Clutch and Shooter are peas in a pod, and between the two of them, they'll talk your ear off about cars, war stories, and pretty much anything else they can think up. Anybody who's unlucky enough to get stuck in the passenger seat is practically begging to get out and walk. That is, until we get to the action. Because when the bullets start flying, that passenger seat might just be the safest place around!"

I had been working on a custom VAMP for a while, and I realized that it would be cool to have a gunner to man the twin machine guns on the back. Since he and Clutch were going to be a team, I tried to give him a uniform design that would fit in with the rest of my original team customs. I've had him finished forever, but I had been stuck trying to think of a name. It finally dawned on me today: there already IS another original team member: Shooter, the 14th character on the screen in issue #1. And, as luck would have it, the name "Shooter" fits his specialty. I love it when a plan comes together.

There's a picture of Shooter and Clutch in their custom VAMP at the bottom of the page.

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