Head: 50th Flint
Everything else: 25th Comic Pack Hawk

In the 1990's Funskool, an Indian company, licensed GI Joe from Hasbro. Using official molds, Funskool released their own ''GI Joe International Heroes'' over the course of a decade and a half.

I tackled this project for several reasons. First, I found myself wanting to add some of these characters and wacky colored figures to my collection. It started with just a few figures but, after doing some online research, I realized that there were several more interesting figures in the line. As the project grew, I was rummaging through my fodder bins and I decided to use up as much of my older 25th parts as I could. So, this project became a big ''Spare Parts Brigade''.

Although most of the figure is pretty close to the Hasbro version, Funskool Stalker is different in one pretty important way, so I thought it would be worth making. He still needs some touching up on his face.

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