Head: Snake Eyes v.1
Torso: Snake Eyes v.1
Arms: Snow Job v.1
Upper Legs: Stalker v.1
Lower Legs: Cobra Commander v.4

Mortal Shadow trained under both Cobra Mortal in Argentina and Storm Shadow in Japan which has made him one of the deadliest people in the world. When Baron Ironblood came across him he was carrying out highly risky operations for Cobra. With a little convincing and a lot of brainwashing he is now completely loyal to the Red Shadows. Being trained in martial arts by Storm Shadow and demolitions by Cobra Mortal he is as deadly to large groups as he is to individuals.

Now he works closely with Dela Eden on covert operations to help The Red Shadows to dominate the world!

This is a character I wanted to create and add to the Red Shadows forces. I always felt they needed someone to fill the Storm Shadow/Snake Eyes/Firefly role in the organization. I decided to go with a white Cobra Mortal version look because it fits in with Baron Ironblood himself.

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