Head: Destro v.5
Torso: Lady Jaye (comic pack)
Arms: Gristle
Waist: Gristle
Legs: Gristle

Dela Eden was a covert agent and member of the Red Shadows, a paramilitary organization that hated both Cobra and G.I. Joe. Led by Wilder Vaughn, the group attempted to destroy both Cobra and G.I. Joe. Dela Eden killed G.I. Joe member Lady Jaye and shot Cobra Commander.

I wanted to create this figure to complete my Red Shadows Convention set. I used Destro's head and repainted it to match Dela Eden from the comic. I thought since she killed Lady Jaye that is was only fitting that I use Lady Jaye's torso repainted. I added Gristle's waist and legs repainted to highlight the skull on the waist and the openings in the upper legs to reflect flesh color. It just seems like Dela's field outfit would show a little skin.

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