Head: PoC Cobra Commander
Torso, arms: Ret Snake Eyes
Legs: RoC Neo-Viper
Helmet: PoC Alley Viper
Harness: RoC MARS Officer

In the 1990's Funskool, an Indian company, licensed GI Joe from Hasbro. Using official molds, Funskool released their own ''GI Joe International Heroes'' over the course of a decade and a half.

I tackled this project for several reasons. First, I found myself wanting to add some of these characters and wacky colored figures to my collection. It started with just a few figures but, after doing some online research, I realized that there were several more interesting figures in the line. As the project grew, I was rummaging through my fodder bins and I decided to use up as much of my older 25th parts as I could. So, this project became a big ''Spare Parts Brigade''.

Street Hawk was created by Funskool and is based off the 1985 movie/TV series of the same name. Funskool intended it to be a race bike and as such did not include any armament with the original. For my version, I kept the side-mounted mini-gun and gave the figure a sub-machine gun. I will be using the figure as a Street Viper, a motorized division of the Alley Vipers.

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