Head: 25th Airborne
Everything else: 25th Gung Ho

The Action Commandos are (almost certainly) the rarest GI Joe figures ever produced. Very few samples ever made it into collector hands. Information on them is so difficult to obtain that for a long time these were considered urban legends among Funskool collectors. At some point, these figures were given away with a purchase of a ''Complan'' chocolate energy drink.

The team is made up of 5 figures. Each one came carded and included a file card. Character names were taken from these.

According to his file card, Striker seems to be the Commander of the Action Commandos. For my version, I stuck pretty close to the original's recipe. Since I have replaced my 25th Gung Ho with the 50th version, Striker is not simply a Gung Ho clone. Although the tooling is very much a product of its time, I'm pretty happy with result.

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