Head: SHS Sue Storm
Hair: DC Multiverse HQ
Torso: Cast Zatanna
Arms: Avatar
Wrists: JvC Jinx?
Legs: ROC Baroness
Feet: WWE figure
Skirt: Lil Bratz
Hammer: Multiverse HQ - modded
Bomb: Chap Mei

Harley Quinn's backstory is pretty well known. In my verse she has likewise become a lynch pin in the Joker's Gang, and she takes great pleasure in antagonizing the Bat-Family, though perhaps none better than Nightwing with any of the current or former Robins being a close second.

She has a crazy mix of strength and agility, which allows her to wield that absurd hammer with astonishing effectiveness. A recent addition to her hammer is a trophy of sorts, in the form of a yellow handle wrap torn from the cape of a certain opponent.

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