Head and Goggle: Star Wars
Body: Renegades CC
Arms: Arctic Joe figure

Dr. Frankenstein surely meant well. Or so his colleagues initially thought. But it soon became clear that madness had overtaken all sense of reason. His intentions could no longer be given the benefit of the doubt, and he was banished from his life's work.

Never one to let an obsession go, Dr. Frankenstein simply relocated his laboratory to his famed family castle, where his work continued.

He was deemed influential on many of those men of science who were his peers or who came after, and the mark he made during the monster hunting years of the late 19th century lives on, even if nobody actually knows the reality behind the fiction.*

*I am taking some artistic liberties and placing the "real life" Dr. Frankenstein in the Victorian Era, to coincide with some of my other stories.

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