Head - Renegades Firefly
Torso and arms - 25th Tunnel Rat
Legs - Retaliation Flint

People know the name, no one ever sees his face because as a disguise and espionage operative, Agent Doulox must protect his true identity at all times. In his line of work, he had experienced the worse, death traps, torture and backstabbing co-agents but he overcome every obstacle and always get the job done. Whether disguising himself as a corporate employee, a wedding singer or Ronald Mc Donald, Agent Doulox would do what needs to be done to infiltrate the target. He enjoys being someone else but sometimes forgets who he truly is.

The world knows he works for Cobra, but he's doing undercover work for G.I. Joe and a few other organizations as well. Agent Doulox lives a dangerous life and he knows there's no way out that is why he's always prepared to face whatever comes his way.

I made this for a friend. He created a new version using the same head but different body.

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