Head: Cast (in red) masked head, modded
Torso: ROC Reactive Impact Armor
Arms and Coat: Wolverine Origins
Legs: POC Cobra Trooper?
Logo: painted

Those who know me, know that the Bat-verse and Bat family are really important parts of my custom collection. I am constantly updating key characters, and adding to the roster when possible.

I knew Red Hood was going to be added at some point, I just wasn't sure how. I never made a Jason Todd Robin, but have included bits in the stories of my verse to make clear he was once a Robin, and that he had been killed. So Red Hood was set up for whenever I was ready.

I had thought I might just mod the DC Multiverse figure. But then I saw just the right comic image at just the right time, and these parts fell into place in front of me. Kind of fun is that the coat and arms were previously used on a Robin figure that I since recycled. So in some ways, that figure played the role of Jason.

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