Movie Ant-Man figure (4" figure, though intended scale inconclusive), REPAINTED

Very rarely do I do straight repaints as customs, but this was a figure I didn't feel compelled to change much on. It wasn't perfect by any means, with some questionable design and articulation choices. Yet still a million times better than the 5 POA Avengers figures which preceded it.

The biggest problem was the shiny plastic finish, and the lack of detail paint. Thus I repainted him, largely to match the 6" Legends figure from the movie. I think this will end up as my Ant-Man and Giant-Man, as I will have the same outfit match various scales and height whenever feasible.

Story-wise, it largely goes without saying, but Ant-Man exists in my EXCAL verse, and the Joe team is a key component in the founding of that organization. Thus Ant-Man, as with all Avengers, has worked with the Joes on various occasions.

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