Head: Salvo '90
Arms/Legs: Toxo-Viper '88
Waist/Torso: Viper '94
Flamethrower: Incinerators '91
Backpack: Deep Six '89
Helmet: Sci-Fi '91

Flamethrowers were always some of my favorite characters, so it's no surprise that Dragonsky is my favorite member of the Oktober Guard. His introduction as a flamethrower in yearbook 2 is one of my favorite single panels in the whole comic run. That one picture of him clearing the Cobras from the train is worth a thousand words.

I've made two customs of him. This is my take on his flame suit version. I added a respirator to Sci-Fi's helmet and glued a small piece of a drinking straw to the torso for the hose to attach to.

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