Head: '06 Lady Jaye
Neck post: 25A Destro (IG uniform) cast
Chest/back, arms, waist: '85 Lady Jaye
Upper legs, lower legs: '86 Jinx

Design & Colors/Paint:

In the DiC cartoon run there were no female characters based on new toys in the first season. The Baroness, Zarana, and Lady Jaye were brought back in recolored versions of their existing uniforms. The recolors on the Baroness and Zarana were decent, but Lady Jaye's update... not so much. Instead of the light green over dark green Sunbow uniform, in DiC Lady Jaye sported an unusual color that was more like medical scrubs than fatigues. Her gear was dark blue-purple (the gear belts were later yellow). A design so hideous I had to make it.

The '06 hatless Lady Jaye head better matches the animated looks of both Sunbow and DiC. The Jinx legs are closer to the animation than the original Lady Jaye legs. So no one calls me out on it: the reference animation image is reversed to match the hair of the figure.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast. The original ARAH Lady Jaye and the comic pack Lady Jaye heads don't have the same shaped neck/ball joint, so I adapted the head cast for a neck post. The neck post is also a cast.

For full disclosure, I reversed the cartoon image to match the hair on the figure. That was easier than resculpting the hair.

Thanks for looking.

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