Everything: '91 Clean-Sweep
Helmet: '88 Astro Viper

Clean-Sweep was originally tasked as part of the Joe's Eco Warriors team as their anti-tox specialist. As the Eco Warriors roster grew, Clean-Sweep was offered another role as the Mega Marine teams premier Hostile Environment Expert.
Now he's the first one to step foot through the dimensional portal finding out what secrets lie on the other side.

Clean-Sweep is armed with a 9mm Sub-machine gun as a side arm. His main equipment is a state of the art Atmospheric vacuum, or "sniffer". The "sniffer" sucks in the atmospheric properties around him and his back pack breaks the properties down to their most basic elements. He relays the information to the fire teams so they know how best to proceed, and whether or not one breath of that air is toxic enough to instantly kill them.

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