Head: Glassman Cast
Body: SDCC Destro/Prof X

Pretty straightforward custom, as it's one of many alt heads I used on my last few suited Joe figures.

The key for me is how to use him in my Joe verse aka EXCAL. I plan to have this version appropriately set in the 60s with a Cold War backdrop. In this way, he'll know Joe Colton, the original Fury and others.

The fun part is that with a simple head swap to an older Connery head, he'll become "M" in my contemporary verse. The contemporary Daniel Craig based Bond for me is not a son of this one, nor is it a shared code name. It's more of a nephew or remote cousin named after James who then gets into the service, perhaps with a nudge from "M".

I have this Bond as having a vague "00", either as the first, or simply not revealed. Contemporary Bond for me does go by 007. The Connery Version's full name is James Harbert Bond. The Craig version is named Harbert Bond, and was nicknamed James at a young age, which name stuck with him.

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