Head, torso, lower arms (from below elbow), waist, legs (to top of boots): Star Wars- '97 Captive Leia
Arms (to below elbow): '02 NS Baroness
Boots: 25A Barbecue


Mahea appeared in the Sunbow episode "Iceberg Goes South" as a romantic interest for Iceberg. The figure came about from the leftovers of my upcoming DiC Baroness. Finally, the freakishly oversized NS shoulders actually work for a figure. Well, they're still a bit much. Maleah sports a thick arctic coat, so the arms would be bulky.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the cartoon.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The torso was split to remove the waist inset. The feet were removed and replaced with the Barbecue boots. The lower arms were removed and replaced with the Baroness ones. The hair was removed and resculpted with epoxy, then the body was reassembled. The jacket, lower sleeves, and fur were sculpted after the top and bottom halves were put back together.

Thanks for looking.

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