Quick Kick - Top of head, Torso, Arms, Vest
Tunnel Rat - Head, Lower Legs
Storm Shadow - Thighs
Weapon X - Feet

So the G.I. Jeff episode of Community last season was amazing. Seasons 4 and 5 were a little uneven at times, but the homage to G.I. Joe was an amazing episode. The character designs were terrific, and I've been working on making figures of them in the style of modern G.I. Joe figures.

Señor Chang's cartoon counterpart is a Storm Shadow / Quick Kick based design, frustratingly called "Overkill." Frustrating because, uh, duh! Overkill is already a COBRA character! This bugged me at first, until I realized that given the attention to detail in this episode, some one noticed it, probably brought it up, and they decided to leave it in just to bug the fanatics... like me. Still, it is a pretty fitting code name for Ben/Kevin/El Tigre. Not a great facial likeness for Ken Jeong, but it's passable as a toy based on a cartoon based on another cartoon based on another toy of a character from a live action show.

The back shot shows off some of the water slide decal techniques I'm practicing with.

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