Head: cast Clutch head with hat turned 180 degrees from Star Wars Geek
Torso arms and hands: 50th Night Viper
Legs: 50th Viper Officer
Web gear: Retaliation Night Fox

It can't snow all the time. I'm a big fan of the Pursuit of Cobra line, specifically the City Strike figures. I wanted to add to it and was inspired by a head included in a fifty pack grab bag from Star Wars Geek. I highly recommend picking one up when they are available, they'll really open your eyes to customs you haven't thought of. I sculpted a burlier beard on the head to more resemble Snowjob. I took the web gear from Night Fox included with the Ninja Combat Cruiser and carved out the inside and added a section to make it fit around a multi-POA figure. I painted the pants in a digital urban camo using a frayed short bristled brush, and painted the subdued flag on the back pack.

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