Duke - Head
Beachhead - Collar
Bench-Press - Torso, Arms
Night Adder - Legs, Vest, Hands

Codename: Weapon-X is my mashup of the X-Men universe with GI Joe. I'm re-imagining each character's mutant ability as a military specialty.

File Name: Rasputin, Piotr Nikolaievitch
Primary Military Specialty: Urban Warfare
Secondary Military Specialty: Physical Training Instructor
Country of Origin: Russia (Former USSR)

CEREBRO FILES: COLOSSUS is by far the most physically strong and imposing member of WEAPON-X. He is an expert in urban environment engagements and excels as a door breacher, due to his size and strength. His typical loadout includes a shotgun for close quarters engagements and a ballistics shield for providing mobile cover to his teammates.

XAVIER'S NOTES: When I recruited COLOSSUS, I found him tending crops in his homeland. When I told him of the inevitable conflict I saw growing across the globe, he seemed sad and resigned to the truth of it. I told him I needed fighters, and asked if that's what he was. No, he told me, a farmer is what he was. Painting was what he loved. Fighting is just what he happens to be very, very good at.