Head: Hulk Emil Blonsky
Torso: RoC Hawk
Arms and Jacket: Wolverine Origins
Upper Legs: RoC Breaker
Lower Legs: Renegades Tunnel Rat
Feet: MLB Playmakers

This figure was done for the 2015 Custom Celebration "Civilians" challenge. I didn't have any urgent need for a civilian figure, but I thought I could stretch the rules a bit and make a custom of a character who could also pass for a civilian. Mace is one of my favorites from the tail end of the line, he's got a good look, but missile launcher helmet aside, he's pretty subdued. Plus, I like that the Joes have undercover ops besides Chuckles. The use of the Tim Roth head was deliberate, because if you're going to have someone be a secret narc, why not him? Now I just need a Cobra version of Harvey Keitel for him to befriend and betray . . .

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