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Head: 25th Tripwire, Retaliation Ghost Hawk Duke
Torso, Arms, and Legs: ROC Ice Viper
Jacket: 50th Snowjob
Web gear: DG Cobra Trooper
Robot: Tunnel Rat

This custom was inspired by TR1ER/Marauder Ruben's version. His was the first custom that I had seen and it is what gave me the bug to start customizing. Well, I finally gave in and here is my version of Tripwire. I used the entire Ice Viper body minus the jacket. For the jacket I used the 50th Snowjob jacket that I had partially cut the hood off of so that there was enough room for the helmeted head. I cut the back straps off of the DG Cobra Trooper and glued them to the back of the jacket for the armor. The armor is a piece of tile patterned sheet styrene cut and bent into shape.

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