Head - ROC Ripcord
Boonie hat - Marauder Task Force
Torso - POC Snake Eyes
Hips - Zanya
Legs - 25th Hawk

Rajon learned the value of patience at an early age while waiting long hours in the farm for the crows that eat their crops. When the crows arrive, he uses his slingshot to drive them away. His friends are astounded on how he never misses his target. Many trained hard to shoot accurately but Rajon's skill is exemplary. It was like he was born to hit the bull's eye. Rajon worked as a sniper for the SWAT before he was recruited to join G.I. Joe. Lowlight was the only one who ever defeated him in a shooting contest, but if you tally each of their total win against each other, Nightscope wins. He's just too humble to brag about it.

"When we go on a mission, we know we're safe from a sneak attack. Nightscope will bring down the enemy before they could attack us from behind. He's like our guardian angel from above. Above the rooftops, that is." - Eight Ball

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