Whole Figure: NECA "Tomb Raider 2" Shadow Demon

From The Files Of Joh Kolton, Adventure Team Commander:

On the edge of the Outer Rim, near the expanse known as "Wild Space", sits a world full of amazing creatures called "Barrlow's World". Named for famed exobiologist Wain Barrlow, who explored the world and cataloged the fantastic beasts, Barrlow's World boasts millions of exotic species.

One of the more amazing species that populate the planet are the "Kaiju", reptilian creatures of varied body plans that range in size from 3 meters to an unbelievable 150 meters in height.

The Kaiju come in many shapes and some possess incredible abilities such as projecting a naturally occurring ionic discharge that can disable all but the most heavily shielded electrical items or acidic vomit.

The Kaiju we will be discussing now was given the informal subspecies name "Blindman" as this branch of Kaiju have no visible eyes yet still manage to hunt as effectively as their normally sighted brethren. Barrlow theorized that they "see" via some form of "psychic" sense organ located in the fleshy front portion of their eyeless heads. These Kaiju also possess incredibly hard, vibroblade sharp nails and teeth that can puncture durosteel with ease.

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