Head: "Star Wars" Lumiya
Body: "Indiana Jones" Marion Ravencroft

From The Files Of Joh Kolton, Adventure Team Commander:

We received this brief comm burst from Colonel Ro Mero of the Imperial Army on the recently quarantined planet Munro Vil.

"It's hard to tell with any accuracy, but I believe it's been three standard weeks since "The Incident". Three weeks since those heartless rebel terrorists turned our world into a living hell. Three weeks since THEY rose.....

Earlier this afternoon, while out foraging for supplies, I saw her. Secretly I had hoped that she would have somehow survived even though I knew the chances were slim. I cannot even say that I knew her name for certain, but I knew her kind eyes and the welcoming smile that she served up alongside the tapcaf she sold at the little cafe around the corner from our garrison. In life, this woman was a model citizen of the Galactic Empire, she would never haved harmed anyone.

Now, those kind eyes were white and lifeless, glowing ever so faintly in the darkness. Her warm smile was dead and cold, the blood from her most recent feeding congealing in the corners of the lips that once offered pleasantries to her customers. She was one of THEM.

I stared at her, full of sadness for her fate and pity for the existance she now endured. She slowly advanced towards me. I would like to say that she hesitated for a moment as something of the woman that once lived behind those eyes recognized me, but I know that THEY are not capable of any kind of reasoning or emotion. All THEY do is shamble across the dead husk of this once vibrant world and hunger for the flesh of those unlucky enough to still be living on this now cursed planet. She bared her teeth and let out a low, menacing moan. She continued to advance on me.

I raised my blaster and put the poor woman out of her misery.

Godsdamn the Rebels.

Godsdamn this wretched planet.

Godsdamn me for not putting the barrel of my blaster against my temple and ending my misery."

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