Head: "Star Trek" Keenser Kreon
Body: "Star Wars" Ugnaught

From The Files Of Joh Kolton, Adventure Team Commander:

"No one really believes this sentient's story of passing through a time/space distortion from the far future on the other side of the Galaxy and getting marooned on Tattooine. They dismiss it as a tall tale told over too many drinks in the cantina, but I have heard of far stranger occurrences..."

Back in 2009 when "Star Trek" was in theatres and the stores were flooded with unsold Wave 1 figures, the second wave was cancelled and the figure I was most looking forward to was relegated to "unreleased" status. I wanted to add Keenser, Scotty's assistant at the remote Federation station, to my misc. aliens collection as I thought he'd look great working alongside the Ugnauts at the Carbon Freeze facility but was unable to ever get my hands on one due to the cancellation.

Flash forward to 2013 and Keenser was released as a Kreon in the blind bag assortment of single figures. Doing some research, I worked out that the Kreon head would fit on a smaller stature figure and found the Kreon identification codes online so I could get Keenser without getting unwanted Kreons. The Keenser Kreon that I got was a factory error in that his goggles were unpainted so the only real work done on this figure aside from the headswap (non-human Kreon heads are REALLY soft vinyl and can slip right over SW neckballs) was painting the goggles (flat black for the strap and rims, gloss black for the lenses).

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