AoU head repainted
AoU Torso, heavily modified, waist articulation added.
Waist - MU female, with torso peg from Star Wars and Scarlett t-bar fused to it.
Legs - MU Ms. Marvel with AoU Scarlet Witch boots.
Arms - Uppers, Star Wars Ysanne Isard
Lowers include parts from multiple different figures, with hands from MU Scarlett Witch

Back when I was heavy into modifying characters for my EXCAL universe, one division of heroes that I had was for "mystics". Strange, then, that I never added Wanda until after Age of Ultron came out. Maybe I just needed to see her in this outfit to appreciate the fit in my grittier-than-comics custom verse.

This one involved just a ton of mods to get from the crappy 5 PoA movie figure, to one that actually fit in with my other figures.

As with all of my EXCAL characters, Scarlet Witch is in my contemporary custom verse, centered largely on the interactions of SHIELD, the Justice League, and the former members of G.I. Joe.

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