Head: Avac cast
Beret: Marauder John
Torso, arms, hands: Ret Kwinn
Legs: ROC Pit Commando
Skirt: ROC Zartan

''You command them to penetrate enemy lines, infiltrate and perform sabotage missions! They're warrior specialists with the best warfare technology in their hands. They've got the right stuff to get the toughest job done! They've got...GUTS!''

GUTS! was a line of small (2.5''-3'') army men. Released in 1986, each figure was molded in one piece, had no articulation and was painted. They were available in packs of 2, 5 and 10 and there were 6 squads for a grand total of 60 different soldiers to collect.

I loved army men as a kid. I probably had about a hundred of these plastic guys and they got at least as much play time as my Joes. So when GUTS! were released, I jumped at the chance to collect some. The TV commercial was really cool too. Aside from the size and the paint, the thing that set these apart was the styling. These little guys looked like they jumped out of 80's action movies like Rambo or Commando. Also, each one had a name and a one line bio on the back of the packaging.

The Green Berets were my favorite of the 6 types as a kid. They were all clad in khaki uniforms and well, green berets. They were also the only group to include a dog (or any type of animal)

Steel Fingers
Weapon: Hi-Impact M-16
''Not afraid to tangle with tanks''

Weapon: Armed to the teeth
''Pure bred for fighting''

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