Head: SW Talon with Marauder goggles and Avacs Lab helmet
Body: Ultimate Roadblock
Knee pads: BBi
Drill: Playmobil
Nail gun: Avacslab cast
Air tank: Corps!

Sgt. Foreman went to Georgia Tech on a basketball scholarship. After redshirting his Freshman year and sitting on the bench his second year, he quit and joined the ROTC program. At first it was just for the scholarship so he could get his Civil Engineering degree, but he quickly tool to the discipline and dedication all of his fellow cadets had.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, Foreman spent most of his time doing EOD and clearing road obstacles. Occassionally he'd get to help rebuild a hospital or put in a water purification system. In his down time he'd put up basketball hoops or soccer goals in the surrounding villages. These acts of kindness caught the attention of Tollbooth. GI Joe was an easy sell.

Whether in the Pit or out in the field, Foreman not only does whatever it takes to complete an objective, but always going above and beyond after the mission for the Joes and everyone they come into contact with.

I made Foreman as an example for the Custom Celebration X's LBC Challenge. I had the figure with the gloves for a while. The head matches the arms' skintone, but I needed to disguise it with a helmet. Instead of just being something I threw together for the event he's stayed together on the workbench and I keep adding to him and making him build or fix different things.

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