Grey Hulk - Pants
Power Charge Rhino - Shoulder Armor
Rhino - Torso, Arms, Feet
Papo Mutan Rhino - Head
World War Hulk - Hands, Leather Bracer
Skaar - Metal Bracer
LEGO - Hand articulation pins, torso swivel pin
GI Joe - Ammo Belt
War Machine - Gatling Gun

This one has been sitting unfinished on my work bench for a while, but I decided the PHX Retro Toy Chest contest was a good time to finish him up. He's loosely based on the 'toon design, and involved a bit of sculpting (adding a beer gut to the Rhino figure, his neck, and turning the five-fingered hands into three-fingered hands). I designed quite a few Dreadnok inspired tattoos for him as well, but I'm unhappy with the results I'm getting from the waterslide paper I have on hand, so those will have to wait for a future update.

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