Head: ARAH Gristle
Arms: NS Nunchuk
Upper torso: 25A Roadblock
Waist, legs: Star Wars- Baron Fel
Webgear: Marvel- Captain America: The First Avenger- Hydra Soldier


One of the sad, sad GI Joe Extreme characters. The parts, except for the head, were junk pieces that floated around in the parts bin until I started thinking about going through the GI Joe Extreme and Screaming Eagle rosters. This figure is mostly based on the second version of Metalhead, combined with the arms of the second.

The stupid ponytail of the Gristle head replaces the equally stupid windswept hair of either of the Kenner Metalhead figures.

Colors & Paint:

Based on the second Kenner action figure.

If ever there's been a GI Joe character with an addiction to spray tanning, it's Metalhead. To give him the not-quite-natural skin tone, the base color for the skin is khaki, with a slight orange wash over it. To make the colors a bit more tolerable the bright yellow of the Kenner figure's web gear has been replaced with a paler tint.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head is cast, with the spit curl and neck removed. The torso (to the belt line) is from a 25A Roadblock and wasn't long enough, so I built up a "spine" and then surrounded it with epoxy to fill the gap. Likewise, the mid-torso articulation point on many of the early 25A figure is horrible, so I also filled that gap with epoxy for a more fluid look.

Thanks for looking.

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