Head: '79 Tonka figure
Torso, upper arms: 25A Flint
Lower arms: 25A Cobra Commander
Legs to down boots: Resolute Cobra Commander
Boots: Star Wars- '97 Bib Fortuna
Revolver: 25A Croc Master???

Design/Colors & Paint:

Mego's Wild Bill came out two years before Hasbro's Wild Bill, but no one remembers the Eagle Force character. As you might expect, there's some thematic overlap between the two Wild Bills: cowboy hats, twin revolvers, western belts, and cowboy boots. At least the Joe's Wild Bill wore a flight suit. With heavy gloves and rolled-up sleeves, the EF Wild Bill is even closer to the ARAH V2 Wild Bill.

As with my other EF figures, Wild Bill's uniform color is a tan/dull yellow/orange camouflage pattern that has a gold vibe without being metallic gold.

The parts here match up pretty nicely for the Mego figure. The head is from a Tonka cowboy, which provided a great way to NOT use a GI Joe Wild Bill cowboy hat. Plus, it's always fun to sneak in a Tonka or Adventure People head from time to time. The '79 Tonka cowboy was a well sculpted figure (the Tonka figures had slightly better sculpting and proportions than the Adventure People). Facial stubble helps to distinguish EF Wild Bill from the Joe's Wild Bill, too. I did my best to paint the eyebrows and eyes to have a Jimmy Stewart look.

Wild Bill completes my "Now a Joe" Eagle Force set, so far as the production figures are concerned.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The head was modified to accept the neck post. The neckerchief, bandolier, and thigh holster are sculpted. The boots were added to the lower legs and positioned in a "cowboy" stance. The elbows are fixed in place with the articulation points smoothed out for a more fluid look. The rope is made of wire, but glued in a static position.

Thanks for looking.

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