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Head: Cobra Trooper
Torso: Cobra Shock Trooper
Arms: ROC Neo Viper
Upper legs: 30th Firefly
Knees: Jungle Viper
Lower legs: Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes
Gear: Various

Cobra Coils. High speed courier. When you absolutely, positively, must send a message across the wastelands to be delivered by hand.

Cobra Coils are speed freaks. They live to ride fast. They choose their motorcycle and modify it to their liking. This usually entails adding a NOS system, lighting the bike as much as possible, blacking out headlights, and whatever else will let them go faster.

To that end their bikes have no armor and no weaponry. Coils carry small arms which they train with at high speeds. Not for lethal accuracy but to ensure they can lay down their own cover fire without looking.

Riding though the wastes takes its toll and the current life expectancy as a Coil is 36 months.

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