Head: Retaliation Clutch (cast)
Torso, arms: Renegades Duke
Upper legs: DG Shipwreck
Lower legs: 30th Stalker
Belt: Retaliation Snake Eyes
Backpack: Chap Mei

I have had SK Omega characters on my customs radar for a while. I pieced together most of the main cast last year, but never got around to painting and accessorizing them. This project gave me the excuse I needed to get off my behind and get them done. I find it fitting that these characters would be included in a GI Joe toy line since they were created by the fathers of the modern GI Joe mythos.

After making Rook, I set my sights on Back-Talk. Despite the fact that I find his look a bit unremarkable next to the other members of the squad, I wanted to continue building the team. Also, I wanted a figure to include with the HQ. A communications specialist made perfect sense. I spiced him up with a decal for his shirt and a spiffy detailed backpack. Thanks to Sam Panico for the filecard.

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