Head: '06 ARAH Scarlett
Chest/back, waist: '04 NS Baroness
Arms: Renegades Scarlett
Legs: '02 NS Baroness
Firearm: DCIH- Gotham SWAT Officer

Data Analysis/Director of Propaganda
Cobra Command
-original character-


This is the first original character I've made in almost two years. Like many of my customs, this one took root while watching television. A show on the History Channel showcased President Nixon's recorded Oval Office meetings. In one of his conversations he made mention of a supposed psychic, referring to her a "soothsayer". As soon as I heard the word soothsayer, the "that must used as a codename for a Cobra character!" light went off in my head.

For the uniform design, I wanted something that would be stylized like those of the Baroness, to show that Soothsayer is high up the Cobra foodchain. The NS Baroness chest/back are solid parts usually overlooked because they were originally paired with dreadful arms. Using the sleek Renegades Scarlett arms highlights the great work Hasbro put into the chest/back. The slender parts also allowed for the use of the teeny tiny '06 Scarlett head.

The head is really a gem of sculpting work, not often noticed by customizers because it is undersized and it came with one of the clunky comic pack ARAH figures. Had the same head sculpt been even 5% larger and placed atop of a modern era figure I'm sure it would be a favorite.

Colors & Paint:

Red with purple gear. A color set never used for the Baroness, it showcases the Baroness parts without looking exactly like her.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The neck was elevated and the collar sculpted.

Thanks for looking.

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