Head: DCIH- Captain Atom
Neckpost: 25A Destro (Iron Grenadiers uniform) cast
Chest/back, upper legs: NS Ace
Arms: NS Wild Bill
Waist: NS Barrel Roll
Lower Legs: NS Big Brawler

Pilot/HALO Jumper
Eagle Force
-based on the unproduced Eagle Force action figure-


Wings was to be a HALO jumper in the cancelled second wave of Eagle Force figures. Assembled mostly of flight suit pieces from NS figures, this design is close enough to the illustration of the figure. Although the design was described as a HALO jumper, the drawing didn't feature any gear associated with the specialty (oxygen mask, parachute rig) and the flight suit looked more like that of a pilot. I stuck with the stripped-down drawing as the basis for the figure. Is Wings a pilot or a HALO jumper?

Maybe he's both, although that makes little sense.

The 1980's Eagle Force and MASK figures are in the same scale, but EF figures look downright malnourished compared to the MASK ones. Because I decided to go for the Mego metallic gold paint, I picked out parts that looked spindly when used with each other.

Colors & Paint:

My Eagle Force customs have replaced the metallic gold of the Mego figures with a camouflage pattern of tan, yellow, and orange. Until now. Maybe I've let go my notions that action figures should be somewhat realistic. Maybe I'm just tired of painting camo patterns. Or maybe I just wanted to do at least one EF figure decked out in a full-on Mego gold metallic uniform.

For whatever reason, Wings gets the traditional metallic gold uniform. The base color is brown, overpainted with metallic gold. A metallic wash over brown might have worked even better, but I went with the easier metallic spray paint route. The gold spray paint is too thick and gloppy, hiding much of the detail in the figure.

Sculpting & Modifying:

To fix the horrible NS proportions, the chest/back was raised above the belt line with a "spine". I then filled the gap with epoxy to create the right proportions. The o-ring has been replaced with a coiled/twisted wire, as an o-ring couldn't be replaced if it would dry rot.

Thanks for looking.

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