Head, torso, arms: 25th Lady Jaye
Legs: RoC Baroness
Feet: RoC Neo Viper
Backpack: Retaliation Kwinn

The Adventure People line was launched by Fisher Price in 1975. The sturdy sets allowed older kids to act out various action and adventure scenarios with the 4'' figures and vehicles. I had a few sets as a kid (still have my Safari Truck packed away somewhere). Since I built to homage the Safari Expedition in 2015, I figured I would keep the theme going with the Mountain Climbers (based on set 351).

As with all my previous Adventure People figures, I tried to keep the ''simple'' look and feel of the original figures. The trickiest part for Jan was to find parts to make the legs with shorts. I first tried Kwinn's legs, but they looked massive on the tiny female frame. I decided to interpret the baroness's legs differently and swapping the feet from high heels to flat boots helped a lot. I'm pretty happy with my solution for now, but I'm open to updating her legs if a better option comes along.

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