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body - final fantasy 7 - advent children Tifa, modded and extended torso, boots changed out with marvel legends, hands from marvel legends black panther, whip from warrior nun areala demon Lilith , glasses from resaurus Charlie street fighter figure, storm shadow bandoleer and hall of heroes cobra commander knife sheath sigil for the belt.

The Baroness -
based on the version of the baroness from the Sigma 6 cartoon, with cybernetic lower arms and her smokey glasses and electro whip.

This figure was done as a collaboration with chad_ghost for Justin Bell

I always wanted for there to have been a better telling of SIGMA 6, the cartoon, if redubbed with more back story on why all the high court of cobra had all the cybernetics. An issue 0 of sorts filling in the details of Robot Rebellion and how they became like they are would have made the transition from valor vs venom to sigma much easier.

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