Helmet......Big Boa (Hollowed Out)

Head......Star-wars Padme

Torso / Arms.....Slip-Stream

Waist..... Captain Grid-Iron

Legs......Grunt (V2)

From the Desk of Capt. Brad J Armbruster:

Break-Away? Hmmm, where do I start? Well I want to retire, but Gen.Hawk told me 'No,' unless I found him someone to replace me, in every aspect on the Joe team. So I brainstormed with "Mainframe" and- Wait, this is OFF the record right?

Okay, so we came up with a video game that we distributed to various High Schools & colleges around the country as part of the ASVAB, that would notify us when someone hit the "pre-programmed" criteria. Well after a few months we finally got a hit, in FREAKING NEW ZEALAND!!! I have my suspicions on how that happened. So we go there, Mainframe & I, and what do we find? This tiny little 17 year old girl!

So I tested her and this kid broke- we're still off the record right? [She broke] every record I've ever set! Climb, duration, inversion time, targeting parameters, heck she was even able to point out limitations on a Sky-Striker that only I know!

So I called Hawk and pulled every string I ever had out there and got this kid recruited! HAHAHA, she's never even been to boot camp! I'm talking zero military training until she got here. As the Youngest Joe ever, (her 18th birthday is next month!) this kid has more talent than half these so called Joe's nowadays! She has qualified on every air capable vehicle we have and a few that aren't air capable! She could fly an Awe-Striker if she could get enough speed behind her!
*End of report*

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