Head - 25th Duke
Arms - 25th
Hands - Renegades Ripcord
Torso - Retaliation Firefly
Hips - 30th Zanya
Legs - 25th Hawk

He's got one dead eye that was replaced by a cybernetic eye which has thermal, laser and telescopic seeing capabilities which makes him more cunning in hunting his prey. Deadeye will spy and kill for anyone for money, and money is being provided handsomely by the man called Jack.

One of the few who quickly rose from the ranks of the street Marauders, Dead Eye became one of the man called Jack's most trusted men (although no one has seen them together) and was given top training in espionage and Infiltration. A bad to the bones motherfucker, Dead Eye is a ferocious hunter and the city is his jungle.

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