Head - Retaliation Firefly
Torso - 25th Hawk
Arms - 25th
Hands - Renegades Ripcord
Legs - 25th Snake Eyes
Web gear - Retaliation Zartan

St. Damaso Pub (named after Damaso, the most famous hired killer ordained as the Saint of Killers) is the place to go if you are looking for an assassin. And one of the most famous and notorious gun for hire you can find in the pub is Nightshade. He sits in the shadows, half his face covered by his hood. They never hear him crack jokes or laugh and when he speaks, you can only hear sadness in his voice. Offer him his favorite drink, the Zombie mix (gin, beer and Coke), and he'll be ready to listen.

Nightshade never answers to anyone but things changed when he met the man called Jack. Nobody knew what the man called Jack offered Nightshade, but since the day they met, Nightshade pledged loyal allegiance to the man called Jack.

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