Head, torso & arms - 30th Zanya
Legs - Retaliation CG

Victim of domestic violence, Switchblade ran away from home and found refuge in the company of street gangs who steal and extort in back alleys. She never wanted to share his real name with anyone so she named herself after the first thing she ever stole, a switchblade. Switchblade joined the street Marauders when it was formed after the great riot and they became the toughest gang in the city.

It's too expensive for the street Marauders to let Switchblade use a gun, because she's trigger happy and wastes too many bullets. So they introduced her to Gloria, a double bladed katana the gang stole from a sword collector which can "cut both ways". Switchblade mastered the use of the blade. She still keeps a gun but she never needed to use it anymore.

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