Head: 50th Lowlight
Torso, arms: PoC Cobra Trooper
Legs: Retaliation Ultimate Firefly
Vest: Retaliation Crimson Guard
Rifle, goggles: DTC Lowlight

After making my recent DTC Barrel Roll custom, I realized that I was only a few figures short of completing the single carded Direct-to-Consumer line-up in custom form. Prior to this, I had not even looked at this version of Lowlight for custom purposes. I figured he was too similar to the PoC/50th version to bother. When I looked again, I noticed the different colored vest, the map on the leg and other differences that, put all together, made me reconsider. I dove in and ended up with a figure that I really like. Also, I'm now one step closer to having a complete DTC collection in ME form.

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