Head: PTE
Torso, arms: RoC Duke
Legs: VvV Tomax
Vest: 50th Hawk
Helmet: Retaliation Flint
Kayak: PTE

This is a project that I cooked up for my best friend's birthday. We have known each other for over 25 years and he was the best man at my wedding last year. He is crazy about kayaking. Every free minute that he has, he spends in the water. He is not a collector, but he likes to pick up kayak related statues and collectibles. He has a couple of shelves in his office devoted to those. I wanted to give him something special for his birthday, so I decided to make him a unique kayak-related custom.

I picked the figure parts to avoid chipping. The legs are ARAH parts. I don't usually mix these with ME parts, but I needed something a bit shorter to fit in the kayak without scratching. Plus, it actually makes the figure look like him.

I wanted to present the figure and kayak in a different way, so I built custom box for it. I basically re-skinned a small box of chocolates with some black vinyl. In the bottom half, I cut out the shapes for all the pieces in some foam. I wanted the box to feel deluxe, even if it was homemade.

On the back, I printed some rapids and on the inside of the top half, I printed a background. I wanted the box to serve as a display.

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