Head, helmet, cowl, gun: DTC Major Bludd
Torso, upper arms: 50th Hawk
Lower arms: Marauder Task Force
Legs: 25th Beachhead

I remember a neighbor friend of mine had the original 1983 Major Bludd when we were kids and I was not overly impressed with it (Of course he lit his up with a lighter and his dad ran over it with the car, so it was in pretty bad shape), so I never bugged my parents to get one for me. After that, I rediscovered Joes around 2005, so DTC Major Bludd was my first version of the good major. I made an ME custom loosely based on this version a few years ago, but was never really happy with it. After I found a good recipe for Blackout, the Major was a definite re-do.

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