Hat/Head - MTF
Body - Retaliation Cobra Ninja Shocktrooper
Web Gear - Retaliation Beach Head
MAC-10 - Mutt w/ stock from S.E. Uzi

When I first saw the Retaliation Cobra Ninja Shocktrooper guy, I knew this would be the perfect update for Shockwave. There wasn't really a way to match the digital cammo, so I just opted for a solid blue Marauder's hat and balaclava head. My main part to this custom was making a MAC-10 with a foldable stock. I used a 25th Mutt MAC-10 and the foldable stock from an older S.E. UZI, and also added a small ring with a custom gun sling.

Given that Shockwave is S.W.A.T., I envision that his Primary MOS should be Military Police.

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