Mostly Sure Fire bodies and a whole lotta head swapping using the heads of:

AstroVipers x 2
Deep Six

I'm so sorry for not being able to post individual pictures of the team members. This is mainly because I couldn't name them all with brand-new cool sounding nicknames or something. Let's all leave it at that. Think of them as your friendly neighborhood SWAT Team (the Jones', Sanchez's, Smiths', Jacksons', etc.).

This is a custom team mainly inspired by the movie "SWAT" released in 2003. I am posting this as a tribute to all the brave men and women, all heroes, who place their lives on the line as members of a SWAT team trying to make our urbanscape a better place to live in.

The second pic is a back view of their uniforms. Note the added "SWAT" insignia on their backs to boost the team theme.

Credit goes out to my family Rosette (wife) and Dylan (daughter) for inspiring me to come up with these customs/repaints and Chrysophylax for tips and tricks in coming up with this team (paint and spare parts to be used, etc.)

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