head - cobra commander v1 + half a snake eyes visor and a part of a cobra commander skirt
torso - skybat
legs - sigma strike duke
chest guns - cobra commander gauntlet gun barrels
chest plate - bionicle
guantlets - firefly
claw - AT stormshadow
gun - spawn - super patriot



Those are the primary commands given by the BAT Commander, Overkill, the first of a series of 7 sins created to augment and control the hive collective of Nano-Bats. In a prior life Overkill was a Techno-Viper of great mental discipline. He was able to network and route BAT operations that they could keep in step with a squad of Vipers and less like the lumbering automatons Mindbender designed them to be. A critical injury resulted in most of his body being destroyed. Mindbender and Hotwire created a body and from there Overkill armed and armored himself.

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