body - heavy duty
head - snake eyes
mask - bionicle
ammo belt and machine gun - gung ho


RANGE-VIPERS are notorious for being some of the nastiest soldiers in COBRA. As Wilderness Troopers, they are pitched into unfriendly, often unexplored territory, waiting for indeterminate lengths for orders that may never come. They survive with limited supplies by living off the land and eating whatever they can get their hands on. Their evasion skills enable them to steal ammunition and provisions from the enemy, often shifting the balance of power before a single round has been fired. As Range-Viper commander, SKULL BUSTER sits at the top of their twisted food chain. He grew up neglected and forced to fend for himself in despicable conditions, and he trains his team the same way. He excels at improvising weapons, but prefers despoiling the artifacts of any unfortunate natives and using them as his personal tools. Even his own troops know to give him a wide berth if he hasn't hunted anyone in a long time. The rumor around camp is that he has human bones in his locker - with fresh teeth marks on them.

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